Saturday, February 2, 2008

Desert Fence

I decided to drive up the Panamint Valley today. Saw a dirt road with a sign saying, "Indian Ranch Road".

Near the soggy dry lake I saw this fence. It wasn't more than a couple hundred of yards long.


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sandman said...

After processing this, I've spent the better part of a morning trying to figure out if it was actually underexposed or something that Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW did to it by default.

I've decided it's not the software, it was me. I blew it. I must admit that I've become rather lazy when it comes to checking my exposures. In the mode of "set it, and forget it" using aperture priority. I'll glance at the LCD and if it looks okay, move on. On this one, the preview looked good, but it actually was underexposed by over two stops.

After playing around with the camera all morning, I've discovered that this Tokina lens and my D50 light meter don't really get along as well as my other Nikkor lenses. Following the meter, and looking at the histogram it appears that the image will almost always be underexposed by one stop.

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