Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cessna N2428Y

I got to the field a little early today and watched Allan work the pattern and do touch and goes. He's a young kid in his early twenties at the very latest, but he makes it look easy. He's got a little over forty hours.

I had a horrible day in the cockpit. Lots of things going against me today. I haven't flown in four weeks. It was hot and I'd always heard that heat changes the way the air feels when your flying. It certainly does. In addition, I was working right hand patterns for the first time.

So... I was behind the aircraft. I couldn't seem to hit my checkpoints with any consistency and I repeatedly entered into the approach with way too much altitude.

I felt beat up by the time I was done.

Imagine my surprise when my instructor says, "Get ready for solo. You're going to do it this month."

I'm too tired to be excited.


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