Thursday, March 25, 2010

Senator Boxer

I was surfing through Senator Boxer's site and saw an image that looked familiar. It does, because it's mine. Here is the original.

It's all creative commons, so that's really not an issue. I do find it interesting that the site states, "Information presented on this site is considered public information, is held under a creative commons license, and may be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credits is requested."

...and yet they didn't offer the same credit to me, the photographer.

I've sent an email to the Senator's office. See where it goes from here. I'm half expecting they'll just remove it to save themselves the hassle. That would be a shame. On the one hand, I'm delighted that it's there, but I'm also disappointed that there's no attribution.



RPM said...

That's a crying shame she won't credit one of her constituents for the photo! It's not like you're asking for residuals.

sandman said...

I'm betting she has no idea how they got that image.

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